Staff training

E-learning v instructor led training

It’s a great time to be involved in the world of education today because there are so many options available to suit an array of educational needs. For instance, here at CLS we offer both e-learning and instructor led training, as well as a blended approach and ‘train the trainer’ courses. However, we also know […]

Dealing with Conflict in the Workplace

How can we learn to navigate conflict in the workplace, whilst still maintaining a professional manner and a strong working relationship with our colleagues? This type of question is one that you are likely to face at least once in your career. Workplace conflict is always going to be possible in a working environment, especially […]

Minimise Risks with a Clean-As-You-Go Policy

No matter what industry you are in, keeping a tidy, organised and clean work environment is a key indicator of your standards and it helps to promote safety and efficiency amongst your staff. When you clean as you go in the workplace, your staff can stay focused for longer and will be more productive. Instead […]

What is COSHH?

The workplace can hold a number of dangers for employees and employers alike. While the first hazards that to come to mind may be accidents such as falls, fire damage, or knife mishaps, an equally important realm is that of contact with hazardous substances. For over twenty years, UK legislation has had the Control of […]

Why Your Company Should Implement a Staff Training Calendar

With a staff training calendar, you can keep employees abreast of any new developments or policies, which is beneficial for more than just efficiency. Investing the time and effort to inform and educate your staff on an ongoing basis shows how much you value them as employees and as people working toward a successful career. […]

Educating Rita!

As Michael Cain and Julie Walters showed us in the film adaptation of Willy Russell’s Educating Rita, it is never too late to discover the joy of learning and expanding the mind. As human beings, our brains are capable of incredible feats, and as Henry Ford famously said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether […]

Common Causes of Back Pain in the Workplace

Back, upper limb, and neck pain from work-related injuries is a major ill health condition in Great Britain and across the EU. In 2016, an estimated 8,784,000 working days were lost due to Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorder (WRMSD). This is an astronomical figure, considering the simple habits and knowledge that can help reduce these upper body […]

How to Improve Sales with Better Customer Care

A customer care course might not seem like something that should take high priority – some employees may already be naturally gifted at communicating with customers, or maybe you’ve never had any serious complaints – but investing a bit of time and effort in raising the standard of customer care could have a huge impact […]

How To Spot Potential Fire Hazards In The Workplace  

From an office space to a kitchen, fire safety is one of the most important elements to understand in any workplace setting. Fortunately, most fires can be avoided, but it all starts with education, and an online fire safety course can be a great resource to get your team informed about how to prevent fire […]

Do You Have These Essential Trainer Characteristics?

The ability to train and teach effectively is a skill that requires training and practise itself. No one just wakes up with quality leadership skills! They are built over time and come with a series of trials and errors that shape you into a better facilitator each time. A train the trainer programme helps you […]

Tips for Promoting Health and Safety in the Workplace

When it comes to promoting health and safety at work, it can seem like a tedious activity. While it’s included in an employee’s training or workplace induction, it can be quickly forgotten. However, prioritising workplace safety is far more important to the workplace culture and the company’s reputation than you may think. It reduces the […]

Creative Team Building Training Ideas

Even the most creative managers can be stumped when coming up with creative team building activities to keep your staff motivated, connected and working like a well-oiled machine. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, it could be time to consider a training course. Before you jump into that investment, however, let us offer you […]

5 Tips For Cost-Effective Training

Employee training can cost a business substantial funds. However, it is essential in most cases, and wholly beneficial in all others. Proper, quality training equips employees with the tools they need to perform more efficiently, and often in a better state of mind too. When employees are given the tools to succeed, they often do! […]

Why e-Learning?

E-learning, or electronic learning, involves using computer technologies to educate or train via the Internet. It has revolutionised the training industry, increasing flexibility, accessibility and engagement for both employees and employers. Here are some of the many benefits of e-learning: Benefits to the employee: The employee won’t waste time and money travelling to a training […]

Why invest in a trained workforce?

For legal reasons, employee training is often a necessity, but there are so many better reasons you should think about when it comes to investing in some team training. Although you must input funds to train your team, the return on investment and benefits that come out the other end are huge and will outweigh […]