Minimise Risks with a Clean-As-You-Go Policy

clean as you go in the workplace

No matter what industry you are in, keeping a tidy, organised and clean work environment is a key indicator of your standards and it helps to promote safety and efficiency amongst your staff. When you clean as you go in the workplace, your staff can stay focused for longer and will be more productive. Instead of taking valuable time to clean at the end of a shift, staff can parcel out their free moments during the day to address any spillages, leaks, or unnecessary clutter. Here are a few things to think about when starting a policy for clean-as-you-go in the workplace:

  1. Clean spillages as soon as they occur. Don’t wait to wipe up a sticky mess on the counter or liquid on the floor. Especially for areas of food prep, a clean counter is important for maintaining healthy standards, so wipe surfaces frequently. Likewise, a wet floor can be hazardous for waiting staff or cooks handling cutlery and other kitchenware. Therefore, mopping up every spill the moment it happens can prevent serious injury and damage and it is important to put up a warning sign.
  2. Clean your equipment. Whether it is kitchen knives, cutting boards, blenders, or any other workplace equipment, keeping it clean prolongs the tool’s lifespan and helps protect staff from premature malfunction. It is particularly pertinent to clean as you go in the workplace if equipment has come into contact with raw meat, poultry or eggs, or any allergen such as shellfish, nuts, dairy, or gluten, even if you use colour-coded equipment.
  3. Waste Management. Implement an effective waste management system to ensure that waste is never allowed to build up. Make sure that staff are aware of their duty to collect and discard waste on a regular basis. Use closable rubbish bins to keep everything contained, and remove any food waste immediately.
  4. Keep walkways clear. When staff are bustling about their duties, carrying equipment, kitchenware or cutlery, it is essential to keep walkways clean and free of clutter. Ensure staff are aware that cleaning as you go in the workplace also applies to keeping things organised, and always returning equipment to its storage place once it’s done being used and cleaned.

To maintain high standards and promote efficiency, clean as you go in the workplace, and ensure your staff have the knowledge and training to incorporate an effective cleaning policy into their daily jobs.