Managing and Reducing Stress

Our Stress Management Courses raise an awareness of how common work-related stress can be and how over a long period of time this can affect self-esteem and personal health, jeopardising an employee’s ability to work. Most people experience stress from time to time, and it isn't necessarily bad or negative in its impact. Stress is a natural response that can be motivational in particular situations, but prolonged periods of stress can also be harmful. This course will show that there are many easy ways in which employees can reduce or avoid stress. Additionally, if they are experiencing stress already, there are approaches they can follow to manage this more effectively. It is an employer’s legal responsibility to assess and address work-related stress and provide staff with the help they may require if they find themselves in these situations. Highly-interactive Stress Management Courses help your employees prevent, reduce, and manage their stress by providing them with a wide range of tools to deal with it.

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After completing our Stress Management Courses, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the meaning of stress through learning its definition.
  • Identify stress, the factors that cause it and how it can be detrimental to an individual’s emotional and mental health.
  • Identify stress-related symptoms in themselves and other work colleagues.
  • Reduce their exposure to stress, through assessing and determining priorities at work.
  • Develop a Wellness Action Plan and how to implement this effectively.
  • Implement coping strategies into work and personal life that will help to reduce stress levels from having a long-term impact.


The topics explored in our Stress Management Courses are as follows:

  • The causes of stress – How deadlines, presentations, meetings and other work-related events can cause different levels of stress in different people.
  • Responses to stress – How people respond differently to stress and how these can produce different emotional and mental responses.
  • Reducing stress – You will cover how to manage stress through determining priorities.
  • Wellness Action Plans – How to create a structured plan that will target the causes of stress and ensure you are dealing with them correctly.
  • Stress coping strategies – How to restore your motivation and ability to work productively under pressure.


Creative Learning Solutions’ Stress Management Courses are relevant and applicable to all members of staff, be it employees or employers. No one job is more stressful or more likely to cause work-related stress than another. Any individual can experience stress in the workplace at some point in their working career. This course attempts to provide you with the measures to control and reduce stress, so it is only experienced in short-lived, positive terms and does not begin to impact your personal or working life.


The course will take approximately 45 minutes to complete.