Health and Safety Accidents in the Workplace

This online course from Creative Learning Solutions follows the Level 2 syllabus and is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and understanding required to work in a safe manner. The course places a special emphasis on Accident prevention in the Workplace and focuses on the potential dangers of your specific workplace environment. It is important to maintain an in-depth understanding of health and safety and see how risk assessments can prevent unnecessary employee absence caused by work-related injury.  IPAD FRIENDLY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE    

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Key Features
Areas Covered


Key Features

  • Our Creative Learning Solutions course includes a more interactive approach to learning about accident prevention in the workplace. By using fun “spot the problem” games and exercises, you will be tested on your ability to identify the causes of accidents, such as slipping or falling.
  • You will learn what to do in case of accidents and how your approach to accident prevention will vary depending on which industry you work in.
  • The course will cover accident statistics and what accidents are rated as the most common.
  • You will be provided with a range of case studies highlighting the consequences of accidents in the workplace and the legal responsibilities that companies hold to ensure accidents are reduced.

Areas Covered

This course will cover a wide range of ways to ensure accident prevention in the workplace is carried out effectively as well and covers:

  • The legal responsibilities of an employer to report accidents,.
  • The active steps to take to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • How to prevent accidents including those which occur from manual handling, such as slips, trips and falls that can result from wet or food-contaminated floors.
  • How to manage high-risk areas.
  • How to work safely with ladders and how height can affect the risk of accidents occurring.
  • Working safely with knives in the food manufacturing industry.
  • Practical steps to prevent accidents in the workplace, as well as putting First Aid provisions in place.