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Corrective Coaching

Our Performance Coaching Courses aim to promote the use of effective communication and interpersonal skills in the workplace. They are specifically targeted to those in senior positions or anyone in a position of authority who is required to interact with other people or work colleagues on a one-to-one basis, especially in situations relating to personal performance or behaviour. All employees are expected to perform to the standards set by a company and their employer, and when these standards are neglected it is important that an individual knows how to support and assist someone who is in need of improvement.


Learning Outcomes

  • Our Performance Coaching Courses will enable you to explain when there is the need for the coaching interview.
  • You will be able to describe the interpersonal skills required when coaching, and how these may be applied in both formal and informal situations.
  • You will be able to describe the steps involved in agreeing on work performance goals with a member of your team and how to establish confidence and trust in their ability to succeed.
  • You will be able to demonstrate the coaching skills in a role-play.


Identifying the need for coaching

  • Differences between normal coaching, corrective coaching and training – This Performance Coaching course will cover the different types of coaching available, with a focus on the importance of corrective coaching in maintaining performance standards.
  • Reasons for unacceptable performance – Participants will look at when an employee should be approached about ways in which they can improve their behaviour or performance.
  • Getting all the facts – A participant will learn the importance of gathering facts when assessing whether the process of communicating with an employee should be carried out.

Effects of poor performance

  • The effects of poor performance and unacceptable behaviour – Performance Coaching Courses will apply these to the workplace and explore how they can influence management style and subsequently affect employee behaviour.
  • The effects of poor employee performance on different members of staff – The course will cover the effects this has on the individual, the employee’s team and the business as a whole. All employees are required to meet performance standards to ensure the success of a company.

Improving interpersonal skills

  • Developing effective interpersonal skills – The course will look at how these can directly affect your professional and personal relationships.
  • Maintaining self-esteem – Our Performance Coaching Courses will explore how an individual maintains self-esteem despite members of a team potentially deviating from their assigned role.
  • Effective listening and questioning skills – The course will cover ways to establish and perfect these skills.

The structure of a coaching interview

  • Structuring a coaching interview – By taking our Performance Coaching course, you will learn how the structure of a coaching interview (introduction, middle and the consolidation) is important in ensuring an individual understands how to improve.
  • Practical sessions- You will use these to test how you would coach an individual.
  • Triad role-plays- The course will cover how role-plays can enable an interviewer to assess the skills of their interviewee.

Duration: Our performance coaching courses will last 1 day