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Time Management and Delegation Skills

Creative Learning Solutions’ Time Management course is aimed at those who work at all levels within an office environment. However, it can also be taken by those who wish to gain the skills to effectively manage their time at work. To be effective in their role, managers must meet their targets and objectives and they cannot do this on their own; they require the help and support from all staff within their department. This course aims to enable managers to plan, organise, control and motivate themselves and their staff in order to meet or even exceed these targets.


Learning Outcomes

  • Participants of our Time Management course will be able to state their role within the organisation they work for and address what objectives and targets they are expected to achieve.
  • Participants will be able to distinguish between the objectives a participant is expected to have achieved and the related, less significant tasks that must be carried out.
  • You will be able to plan out your time in order to effectively achieve your targets. This will be done by creating a plan designed to work specifically for you.
  • Participants will be able to set and communicate standards of performance and monitor their results.
  • You will be able to apply problem-solving and decision-making skills and use them to get the job done and improve your professional performance.


Setting objectives

  • The difference between objectives and tasks – Our Time Management course will cover how these can be applied when creating a plan to effectively manage time in the workplace.
  • Working relationships and their expectations – The course will look at establishing a set of expectations for employees’ work performance.
  • Skills needed by the manager – The Time Management course will explore the skills required by a manager that enables them to judge priorities and delegate time effectively.
  • Role of the manager – You will look at the role of the manager assigning work to their team.

Time management

  • Characteristics of a disorganised manager – Our Time Management course will explore characteristics such as lack of focus, disorganisation and overconfidence and how these can cause a Manager to waste time and lower the performance of individuals and teams.
  • Personal and professional benefits of effective time management – The course will look at how an individual is able to increase their work performance by delegating time in an effective manner.
  • Time robbers – You will learn both personal and impersonal factors that can draw an individual’s attention away from the task at hand.
  • Tips for controlling your time – You will be provided with some simple organisational tips.


  • Benefits of delegation – Our Time Management course will enable a participant to identify how delegation can save time by encouraging team members to take on a variety of tasks that benefit team success and allow them to achieve more.
  • What characterises good and bad delegators – You will look at the pros and cons of delegation in the workplace and how it can be carried out most effectively.
  • Barriers to delegation – The course will cover how delegating tasks to a team can often cause problems to arise, as work is often in another person’s hands and not your own.
  • The delegation process – You will learn how to prepare for delegation and the steps required in deciding which tasks can be delegated to which team members.

Problem solving

  • Types of problems – Our Time Management course will explore the different types of problems an individual can face in the workplace.
  • Problem-solving route – The course will cover the route an individual should take when attempting to effectively solve a problem (problem identification, structuring the problem, possible solutions, decision and implementation).
  • The decision-making process – As a participant, you will assess the different possible courses of action that can be taken and how best to implement a decided course of action.

Duration: 1 day