Food Safety Assessment Refresher

Creative Learning Solutions’ Food Safety Refresher Course is designed for employees who are required to take refresher training to demonstrate that their knowledge of food safety is still up to date. Alternatively, it can be taken by a new member of staff, as employers should ensure that their staff have the prior knowledge of the basics behind handling, preparing and cooking food, before being offered the full Level 2 Food Safety course.  A company should ensure that its employees are aware of new legislation and continue to understand the importance of food hygiene in the workplace put in place by the Food Safety Act 1990. Food safety is essential for ensuring the production of safe food and through their compliance, employers maintain a business’ reputation and brand. IPAD FRIENDLY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE    

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Key Features
Areas Covered


Key Features

  • Our Food Safety Refresher course is designed for the employer or operator to determine the prior food safety knowledge of new members of staff.
  • The course can also act as a refresher for existing staff and the assessment questions will test that their food safety understanding it up to date and in line with regulations.
  • The course is an essentials tool for audit purposes, as well as essential in demonstrating a company’s compliance with food safety regulations and their application of basic guidelines in the workplace.
  • You will be assessed with questions to determine your understanding and whether you have ascertained the training objectives.

Areas Covered

  • CLS’ Food Safety Refresher course covers the risk of food contamination in the workplace and the factors that cause food hazards.
  • The course will cover the importance of storage temperature, but also the importance of cooking and cooling temperature in ensuring that food is safe to be consumed.
  • You will learn about personal hygiene and how this can contribute to poor food safety standards.
  • The course will also cover cleanliness of the workstation/food premises and how this can affect the quality of food produced and thus the business’ reputation.  
  • You will go over food preparation and look at the appropriate and safe ways to handle food.