User Licences Food Safety Interactive (English) Level 2

Meets The Level 2 Food Safety In Catering Standard

Our Course follows THE LEVEL 2 FOOD SAFETY IN CATERING STANDARD and is endorsed by The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology. It is the ideal way to obtain the relevant training and certification to meet today's increasingly high food safety standards. The course follows the European Union Regulations and directives, to train individuals on how to safely carry out food-related roles. This course is ideal for anyone working in any discipline of the catering sector and can be taken by individuals who don’t only handle, prepare and serve food, but also those who transport food in vehicles. Our Food Safety Certificate Level 2 will provide you with training in all legally required areas, such as; bacterial growth, food contamination and storing, preparing, cooking and serving food safely. The course is designed by training professionals using a combination of fun interactive games and exercises to help reinforce the learning. IPAD FRIENDLY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE

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Key Features
Areas Covered


Key Features


To acquire the Food Safety Certificate Level 2, the course will take between 4-5 hours to complete.


  • The Creative Learning Solutions’ food safety certificate is accepted and recommended Environmental Health Officers (EHO’s) and employers.
  • It is a very cost effective way to train your workforce and provides them with an in-depth understanding of food safety.
  • The course is suitable for any food handlers but is an essential course for staff with responsibility of high-risk foods.
  • The course is spread across 10 modules enabling you to stop and start your training to fit in with your working day.
  • On successful completion, you will be awarded a Food Safety Level 2 certificate. This will demonstrate to an employer that an employee has a basic understanding of food hygiene to a national standard.
  • The latest version of this course is available online for use with PC’s, tablets and smartphones

Areas Covered

  • The Food Safety Certificate Level 2 covers food contamination and the best practices with regards to controlling food hazards.
  • You will cover the sources of bacteria and where these can be found
  • You will learn about bacterial growth and the specific factors that enhance bacterial growth in low-risk and high-risk foods.
  • You will cover how food poisoning occurs through the consumption of unsafe foods and how to reduce and remove contamination risks. Also Included in this module is a section on Allergens
  • The course explores the role of an Environmental Health Officer and their responsibility in protecting public health.
  • You will learn how food safety risks arise in different areas, from purchasing food to storing, cooking and serving it. Including (HACCP).
  • You will look at how kitchen design can increase the chance of contamination and food safety risks.
  • You will look at how poor personal hygiene can affect the standard of food produced.
  • You will cover the importance of cleanliness and regular cleaning on workstations as a legal requirement.
  • The course will cover pest control and how a breach of legal standards can reduce a company’s professional status and food hygiene rating.