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Leading a Winning Team

Creative Learning Solutions’ leadership courses aim to equip Managers and Supervisors, with the knowledge to adopt the appropriate management style, vision and values in order to motivate their workgroup. It is aimed at those who are going into leadership roles or those who want to work towards meeting agreed targets and objectives, whilst at the same time creating a well-motivated, high-performance team. In business, there is a demand for excellent leadership within organisations, in order to provide change and improve performance levels.


Learning Outcomes

Our leadership courses will enable a participant to identify what motivates individuals at work and subsequently what can be done to improve personal and team motivation in the workplace.

Participants will be able to identify the criteria and strategies that when applied, make a team effective and perform highly. Participants will be able to review their own team’s effectiveness against the criteria created and assess ways in which a team can be improved.

Participants will be able to choose an appropriate leadership strategy, personal to them, and adopt a style to effectively deal with different situations at work.



  • Why People work – Our leadership courses will cover the different reasons behind people working and how this drives their performance and work ethic.
  • What motivates and demotivates people – The course will cover the different factors that motivate people to work effectively and ineffectively.
  • Some theories on motivation – This course will look at a range of motivation theories that can be applied to leading a team.
  • Methods of motivating people – the benefits of developing an individual leadership style will be explored. The course will also focus on creating trust and engagement between a leader and a team.

Team building

  • Why teamwork is essential – Our leadership courses will cover how strong teamwork can transform an organisation’s success and performance.
  • Action-centred leadership – The course will look specifically at John Adair’s action-centred leadership theory.
  • Roles within groups – The course will focus on Belbin’s nine team roles and how mixed team roles can benefit team building.
  • Team needs – As a participant, you will learn how to best adapt to team needs and ensure team success.
  • Group formation – The course will cover the recognisable group formation stages.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of groups – You will learn about the benefits of group work but also look at the factors that can make group work a hindrance.
  • Relationships between groups.


  • What makes a leader – Our leadership courses will uncover the characteristics that make an effective and successful leader.
  • Leadership styles – Different leadership styles will be explored for managers in charge of a team.
  • Adapting the right style – The course will examine how a person in a leadership role will have to adapt their leadership style to different situations and to leading different team members.  

Duration: 1 day