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Telephone Techniques

Creative Learning Solutions’ Telephone Techniques course aims to provide participants with confidence in the skills and knowledge required to respond in a positive and professional manner to customer telephone enquiries. This course is ideal for any team member that is required to communicate with customers over the phone as part of their role within a company; for example, a receptionist or a member of customer support staff. The course aims to provide those in such positions of responsibility with an awareness of how over the phone communication can have a direct effect on how a business is perceived by a customer.


Learning Outcomes

  • Our telephone techniques course will enable a participant to explain the standardised procedures to adopt when answering the telephone.
  • As a participant, you will be able to demonstrate how to convert enquiries into sales opportunities using specific telephone techniques and making the most of the advantages of communicating by phone.
  • A participant will be able to state how to take messages and transfer calls in a professional manner.
  • You will be able to demonstrate how to use and perfect a specific call style by looking at how volume, pitch, tone and pace can maximise the effectiveness of calls.
  • The course will teach you how to make efficient outgoing calls, and how to build rapport with a customer.
  • Our telephone techniques course will enable participants to explain how to handle awkward callers and complaints in a professional, empathetic manner, whilst drawing on customer service skills that elevate a customer’s needs.



Answering calls

  • Product knowledge and company image – Our telephone techniques course will cover the importance of maintaining a company’s image whilst conversing with customers over the phone. This will be achieved through an in-depth understanding of the company and the products you are representing.
  • Questioning techniques and listening skills – The course will look at specific questioning techniques and the importance of listening and understanding a customer’s concerns, as well as how these are required to make each call you take as effective as possible.
  • Dealing with enquiries – The course will explore how to deal with enquiries in a quick and concise manner that satisfies a customer’s concerns.
  • Taking messages and transferring calls – You will learn the importance of ensuring this transition is done quickly and coherently.

Making the sale

  • Recognising sales opportunities – Our telephone techniques course will cover the ways an individual can recognise opportunities in a call situation where a customer or client may be inclined to purchase something from your company.  
  • Identifying customer needs and matching appropriate products and services – The course will explore how an individual can efficiently respond to a customer enquiry through assessing each individual scenario they are faced with.
  • Types of selling – You will learn how you can adapt your style of approach when on the line with a customer.
  • A structured approach – The course will look at how to maintain a structured and consistent approach when making sales over the phone.

Tricky situations

  • Dealing with awkward customers and complaints – Our telephone techniques course will cover how a participant can handle customer concerns with empathy and with customer service skills in mind.
  • Solving problems and keeping the customer informed – The course will cover how to maintain a clear and concise approach to ensure you successfully communicate with the customer at hand.

Closing the call

  • Creating a lasting impression – You will learn how your telephone manner and style has a direct impact on the perception of a business and the importance of using telephone practice in a positive and advantageous manner.
  • Follow up procedures – This course will teach you how to effectively close a call and ensure all concerns and questions made by the customer have been addressed to their satisfaction.
  • Role-play exercises and feedback – Our telephone techniques course uses role-play exercises to quiz participants on how they would approach specific call-related situations.

Duration: Our telephone techniques course takes 1 day to complete