Information Security

Our Information Security Courses are applicable to all businesses across a variety of sectors who wish to train their employees on the basics of information security. Information security is important for all organisations; your information is valuable and it is of vital importance to keep it safe. Understanding information security risks and how you can go about minimising them are the first steps in keeping information safe. By making sure employees are aware of information security, they can stay and act vigilantly to compliance risks. Thus, your organisation's risk of being exposed to information threats is reduced. Our highly interactive Information Safety Courses help your employees become more aware of their role in information security, preparing them with the skills to reduce the risk of a breach and leaving them with best practice tips to ensure both their and the company’s information is kept secure.

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After completing our Information Security Courses, learners will be able to:

  • Recognise why information security is essential for organisations and how it is key to maintaining their reputation and status.
  • Use secure working practices when working with information and data in the office environment.
  • Protect information when working away from your desk, out of the office and on mobile devices.
  • Improve their awareness of online risks and learn how to stay safe on the internet, particularly in an age where there is a higher risk of security attacks by hackers and other outside sources.
  • Respond to and report information security issues in an appropriate manner, helping to solve the issue quickly and securely.


The following topics will be explored in this course:

  • Working with information – How to handle large volumes of data daily. This includes financial information, research data and personal data whilst maintaining confidentiality.
  • Information security requirements – Coinciding with Data Protection and Information legislation.
  • Keeping information secure in and out of the office – Learning how to collect, process and safely store data.
  • Staying safe online – Learn how to create strong passwords and approach links, email threats, malware, phishing, social engineering and other scams that may breach your online security and jeopardise the company you work for.


Creative Learning Solutions’ Information Security Courses are ideal for all employees across various sectors and organisations who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of information security and how this is applied in the workplace. Upon completion, the individual will have gained the self-assurance that they are equipped with the best knowledge and skill set possible to handle important information and know what to do if this information is breached by an outside source.


Our Information Security Courses take around 35 minutes to complete.