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Customer Care and Selling Skills

Our customer care courses aim to establish the impact that offering a high standard of customer care has on the achievement of sales and a business’ reputation. The course will demonstrate the importance of a positive company culture on service provision. Our course is ideal for any customer-facing team members, whose role involves dealing with customer enquiries and sales.


Learning Outcomes

  • Our customer care courses will enable a participant to explain the relationship between internal and external customer service and how this affects your selling skills.
  • A participant will be able to describe the beneficial effect that a well-motivated team can have on customer care and sales.
  • You will learn the importance of setting high standards and quality to the achievement of sales.
  • The course will cover how to identify the needs of different categories of customers and how this will affect the customer care required.
  • As a participant, you will be able to explain and implement a series of sales techniques that will generate an increased level of sales.



Identifying customer needs

  • The effect company culture has on team building and motivation – Our customer care courses will cover how a positive company culture that strives for the best will directly impact an employee’s performance, providing them with the motivation to maintain a company’s reputation and status through their own roles.
  • Customer needs and expectations – The course will cover the most efficient way to address a customer’s enquiry in a professional and empathetic manner.
  • The service journey – You will explore the needs and expectations required at each point of contact with a customer or client.

Communication skills

  • Effective question techniques and listening skills – Our customer care courses will cover specific questioning techniques and the importance of listening to and understanding a customer’s concerns.
  • Body Language – The course will cover verbal and non-verbal communication and how body-language is an important component of customer service skills.
  • The differences between internal and external customer service – You will look at how different kinds of customer service have different effects on company sales.

Selling skills

  • Constraints and conflicts within an organisation – Our customer care courses will explore how to overcome company conflicts that may arise.
  • Standard setting and quality control – The course will look at setting a system of quality control to ensure that employees comply with professional standards in relation to customer care and sales.
  • Descriptive selling – A participant will learn the differences between features and benefits of descriptive selling.
  • Sales techniques – The course will cover different types of sales techniques, including selling extras, upselling, selling alternatives and how these can promote positive sales.

Duration: Our Customer Care courses take 1 day to complete