Health and Safety COSHH

This course covers the importance of handling hazardous substances safely in the workplace

Following the Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace, this course covers some of the typical chemical substances which could cause harm in the workplace. CLS’ Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Course, provides training for any individual who works directly with or alternatively, could encounter hazardous substances in the workplace. COSHH Courses attempt to aid employers, employees and contractors with an understanding of the potential risks within the workplace, instructing workers on how to carry out a risk assessment and introduce control measures to reduce exposure. Exposure to substances can happen to anyone in the workplace, and it is important for individuals to recognise the consequences of failing to comply with health and safety legislation when dealing or working with hazardous substances. IPAD FRIENDLY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE

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Key Features
Areas Covered


Key Features

  • COSHH Courses will help you to discover which chemical substances might cause harm in the workplace and how to identify substances you may not ordinarily recognise as having potential to harm workers.
  • You will learn about the new warning labels and how to identify these on the product packaging.
  • You will discover how the human body can be exposed to chemical substances and learn more about how an employee can be at risk even if they do not directly handle the substances whilst working.
  • COSHH Courses provide instructions on how to monitor and spot chemical hazards in the workplace, as well as demonstrating how to plan for an incident occurring.
  • You will learn how to reduce the risks through examination and active control measures.

Areas Covered

  • This COSHH Course will cover the meaning of COSHH in relation to the 2002 legislation.
  • You will explore different examples of hazardous substances in the workplace and substance classification.
  • The course covers the different warning labels used to identify risk in using certain substances and what each warning label means. You will be tested, via a short quiz, on whether you can successfully match the hazard name to the appropriate symbol.
  • You will learn how substances can enter the body and what measures must be taken in this situation.
  • This course will look at the use of data sheets in connection with hazardous substances.
  • You will cover what the REACH Regulations 2006 addresses and the consequences an employer or employee can face, should they fail to comply with the COSHH health and safety legislation.