Health and Safety Law

The course explains the Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974 and the consequences of poor health & safety

This course follows the Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace and covers areas from negligence to compensation and shows you the penalties for breaching health and safety laws in your workplace. Health and Safety Law Courses emphasise the importance of the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW) 1974 and encourage employers to be vigilant in looking out for changes in the law and how these changes could affect your industry. The HSW Act 1974 is the main piece of UK health and safety legislation. Therefore, the course should be taken by those who have a duty to ensure health and safety legislation is carried out in the workplace. IPAD FRIENDLY VERSION NOW AVAILABLE

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Key Features
Areas Covered


Key Features

  • Creative Learning Solutions’ Health and Safety Law Course will provide you with a variety of example case studies of companies that have found themselves breaching the terms of the law and how this has impacted their business.
  • You will discover the differences between Civil and Criminal Law Acts and Regulations.
  • You will learn about negligence and compensation.
  • You will find out what responsibilities you and your employer have for safety in your workplace and how you can maintain a high standard of welfare.
  • Health and Safety Law Courses enable you to discover the penalties that result from breaching the law and the effects this can have on an employer and the company’s status.

Areas Covered

  • Health and Safety Law Courses provide easy-to-understand definitions for Criminal law and Civil law, and go over the importance of their differences. Additionally, our course covers the consequences of failing to abide by these laws.
  • The course cover negligence of law in the workplace.
  • You will learn about the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSW) 1974 and get a breakdown of the main points of the health and safety regulations, as well as the European Directives.
  • The Health and Safety Law Course will define the difference in employer and employee responsibilities.
  • The course covers law enforcement and the actions that will be taken against a company who fails to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.