New Year, New Career? 10 Signs You Need A Career Change

clean as you go in the workplace


For many people the New Year means new resolutions, new opportunities and new perspectives. We’re all looking for that shift from our old drudgery to a bright, refreshing change. But change can be a scary thing as we dive into the unknown, especially in the realm of career change. Taking the risk of shifting from one industry to another is a daunting task. Luckily in our age of technology, if you want to make a career change online resources are widely available to help you on your way. By ‘career change’, we don’t necessarily mean a dramatic change. It could just mean making some small changes to improve your situation and better your career, like completing an online course to further your qualifications and thus improve your career prospects.

Do you feel like you might want to make a change to your career? Do any of these signs sound familiar? If so, it might be time to make that change!

1. Burnout.

This means more than hating your work, your boss or colleagues – a burnout affects your mental and physical wellbeing and is a clear indicator that something’s gotta give!

2. You’ve hit a ceiling.

If you see no opportunities for further growth and development in your current career, you could be ready for a change that challenges you and increases your knowledge base.

3. Feeling Undervalued.

Do you feel your work is thankless and unappreciated? A new environment with fresh challenges and fresh faces could be the cure! Or take the initiative to further educate yourself and prove your value within your current company.

4. Desire For Change.

Some of us simply thrive on change, so doing the same job day in and day out can take its toll over the years. Switch it up by exploring something new, whether it be moving to a new area of the industry you already work in – or moving into something completely new.

5. Feeling Unfulfilled.

A strong sense of purpose is what drives passion in the workplace, and if you can’t stoke the fire, you’ll burn out. Consider your values and what sort of work fuels your fire. Want to know the secret to never working another day in your life? Turn your passion into a career! If you’re after this kind of career change online courses can be a great way of turning your hobby into a career. For instance, for big health and fitness lovers we offer an online Health and Nutrition course to get you on your way!

6. Your Talents Aren’t Being Used.

Sometimes we find ourselves falling into a job that is there when we need it, but doesn’t utilise our strengths. After establishing some financial security, it might be time to consider a career change.

7. Personal Life Change.

Just married? Had a baby? Moved to a new city? Life can dictate a change in career as we gear up for the next phase. Think about what kind of job suits your new life and go for it! Retraining can seem daunting sometimes, but we’re lucky to live in age with so many online resources to help us achieve our goals in a more flexible way.

8. Company Reorganisation.

A company overhaul can change your responsibilities and force you to take on things you don’t enjoy. If there’s no hope of reclaiming what was lost, consider other options! Or, perhaps you’re at the top of the company and would like your staff to take on some more responsibility? Training your workforce can change your own career by improving the quality of work coming from those below you, ultimately lightening your workload in the end!

9. Economic Failure

If the economy around your current industry goes belly-up, or you feel you’re being underpaid for the role you’re in, making a change could offer more financial security.

10. Lack of Pride.

Do you avoid talking about your job when you meet new people? If you don’t feel confident or happy in the work you’re doing, find something that you’d want to tell people about!

If you feel it’s time to make a career change – whether it’s a change to your current career or deciding to pursue a new one – Creative Learning Solutions can help. We offer a number of online courses to conveniently assist you in learning new skills that can increase your options or further your career. It’s time to take action. Take your first step towards a career change online, with a course from Creative Learning Solutions! Browse our website or get in touch to find out more.