Classroom vs E-Learning: What Works for You?

The benefits of e-learning courses are vast and numerous. The ability for students to learn on the go and at their own pace is an appealing quality. But classroom learning has its upsides too, and it’s up to you to decide which method works best for you and your staff. To help you decide, here’s a breakdown of the benefits of e-learning courses vs. that of classroom learning.

Nothing Replaces a Classroom Experience

It’s true that the experience of a classroom learning experience is unique. They are able to actively engage with the topic, ask questions on the spot, and build important networking relationships with others in their field. They can soak up the knowledge from qualified instructors who are specialists in their subjects. Lessons are filled with personal experiences on top of general information on their niche topics.

But the biggest issues with classroom instruction are surpassed by the benefits of e-learning courses. A classroom experience offers a rigid structure, a one-size-fits-all pace, and often fails to give students lasting resources that they can refer to time and again. You can’t relive a classroom experience, and texts and notes can never quite encompass everything you learned.

The Benefits of E-Learning Courses

An e-learning course can be the perfect option for training your staff. It cuts back on travel costs and instructor compensation, and gives students an endless resource for constant referral. Anywhere they have an internet connection, students can log on the access their lessons and personal notes, resulting in a higher retention rate for the knowledge they acquire. They can also take it at their own pace, so they’re never rushed. Their understanding will be more complete and the interactive elements of an e-learning course will hold their attention, keeping them engaged and interested.

These benefits of e-learning courses far outweigh the negatives. While the students will miss out on the relationship-building and specialist experience of an instructor that a classroom offers, the flexibility of e-learning gives them a solid, consistent resource that’s invaluable.

Whether a classroom or e-learning course is right for your team is up to you. An evaluation of your staff and what they’ll respond best to is an important question to consider and their preference can help you decide as well. Click on the following links to view the e-learning and classroom courses we offer.