Why Your Company Should Implement a Staff Training Calendar

woman coaching a train the trainer programme

With a staff training calendar, you can keep employees abreast of any new developments or policies, which is beneficial for more than just efficiency. Investing the time and effort to inform and educate your staff on an ongoing basis shows how much you value them as employees and as people working toward a successful career. When staff feel valued and confident in their abilities, they become more than good workers – they become loyal employees who can go above and beyond their responsibilities and grow within your company.

A staff training calendar will help you manage your staff’s training needs effectively, promoting a learning environment and helping keep everybody up-to-date. Determine what areas your staff will need the most support with, and set up the calendar to a frequency that makes sense – such as every two weeks, once a month or even once a quarter. Be sure to address areas such as customer service, any changes or concerns with regard to health and safety, and productivity initiatives. The staff training calendar can be a great asset to your company – both for new employees and those who might need a refresher.

In your training sessions, you can cover a myriad of topics, such as:

  • Updating staff on compliance training requirements.
  • Planning and implementing the unique training needs of new staff.
  • Taking the time to listen to current staff needs and address any areas where they feel there is room for improvement.
  • Sharing information on training practices with those who need it.
  • Creating and encouraging a learning environment that fosters personal development for each member of your team.

A staff training calendar can help your team stay up-to-date, make them confident in their abilities, and informed of any new company policies or practices. Ultimately, valued staff are loyal staff, and a strong team means better performance for all areas of your company.