Tips for Promoting Health and Safety in the Workplace

promoting health and safety at work

When it comes to promoting health and safety at work, it can seem like a tedious activity. While it’s included in an employee’s training or workplace induction, it can be quickly forgotten. However, prioritising workplace safety is far more important to the workplace culture and the company’s reputation than you may think. It reduces the number of accidents, promotes employee productivity and, most importantly, it creates a safe working environment for everyone involved in the business. This blog will discuss some of the ways you can continue to promote health and safety in a way that ensures it isn’t forgotten and has a positive presence throughout the workplace.

Staying up to date

The most important thing you can do to start promoting health and safety at work is to ensure that your company stays up to date with the latest regulations that apply to your business. The law is updated frequently so it is the company’s priority and responsibility to ensure that they make their employees aware of any changes. They also need to make sure sufficient training is given where needed. This provides all employees with a basic understanding of how health and safety affects the work they do and the environment they work in. On top of training, companies could provide a useful summary of how updates to the law will affect their company, ensuring everyone understands the basics.

Working with staff

Once everyone knows the basics, it is helpful to have regular in-house training days. These not only provide staff with up-to-date training, but they also create an atmosphere where staff know that their employer cares about health and safety in the workplace and takes training procedures seriously. These could take place in the form of monthly sessions where employees take part in an hour-long training recap. This will implement a helpful reminder to employees about what to do in case of an emergency. These sessions will also reduce the amount of work-related injury and illness, as staff will not have forgotten what to do in these instances.

Updates and Leaflets

Alongside in-house training, companies can keep staff informed of updates to health and safety regulations and news by sending out emails or leaflets. Employers can update staff on the results of recent inspections or monitoring procedures, enforcing transparency and showing employees that the company prioritises health and safety in the workplace.

Having the necessary equipment

Whilst it is important for staff to have training that instructs them on how to tackle health and safety in the workplace, it is also important that employers provide the necessary equipment to carry out such roles. Any necessary protective equipment should be monitored and updated regularly to ensure the safety of the wearer/user. As well as this, the employer should provide helpful signage and training on how to use the equipment provided, greatly reducing room for error and the chance of accidents.

Lead by example

Last but not least, it is very important that you set an excellent example as an employer. The fastest way to violate regulations is to let things slide or go unchecked, but if you are constantly showing that you believe in the importance of safety, this won’t happen. Your employees will look to you for guidance in all matters so if you are practicing the correct health and safety regulations at all times, they will learn to do the same.

These are just a few tips employers can use when promoting health and safety in the workplace. By ensuring employees are kept up to date with training, changes in law, and health and safety news, businesses can take a pro-active approach in prioritising health and safety and protecting their reputation as a company who cares about their workers.

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