Learn About the GCSE for Cooking and Nutrition

The Government have introduced a GCSE for cooking and nutrition that is now available in schools all over the UK, allowing students to “acquire a proper understanding of the scientific principle behind food nutrition, and use a number of practical cooking techniques to prepare and cook food.” Often catering-based or food-tech GCSEs aren’t given enough […]

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FREE RESOURCE –  Everyone is worried about the coronavirus (COVID-19).  This Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness course aims to answer some of the questions you may have and give you an understanding of the preventative measures available to you. Just pass on the link https://www.creativelearninglms.co.uk/coronavirus-covid-19-awareness-course-

Educate Yourself on Allergens

Knowing your allergens is essential in the food industry. Simple information about what foods typically cause allergic reactions, and the basics of what to do when someone is having a reaction can quite possibly save a life (and your business!) The EU Food Information for Consumer Regulations, enacted in December 2014, requires businesses to inform […]

Slips and trips: The 10 most common accidents in the workplace

When it comes to workplace safety, both employers and employees have a responsibility to themselves and each other to be as considerate and mindful as possible to prevent injury. Accidents in the workplace are all too common, and most of them can be avoided. The most common work injuries in the catering industry include burns […]

How To Prepare For The Ultimate Summer BBQ

Is there anything better than a BBQ with friends and family on a balmy summer’s evening? We don’t think so. At the first glimpse of summer, the population of England migrates their kitchen and dining areas to outdoors for BBQ lunches and dinners. Sipping on an ice cold beer whilst flipping a burger and chatting […]

The Benefits Of A Train The Trainer Programme

While it may seem a bit of an oxymoron, trainers and facilitators of learning should still consider themselves students. Being able to train a team effectively is a skill of its own that requires an understanding of different learning styles, group dynamics, and much more. A course that aims to train the trainer benefits more […]