How To Prepare For The Ultimate Summer BBQ

Is there anything better than a BBQ with friends and family on a balmy summer’s evening? We don’t think so. At the first glimpse of summer, the population of England migrates their kitchen and dining areas to outdoors for BBQ lunches and dinners. Sipping on an ice cold beer whilst flipping a burger and chatting to friends in the garden – it’s the good life. While BBQs are indeed wonderful, it is vital you prepare the meat correctly to prevent food poisoning for you and your family. Here are a few tips to prevent any unwelcome illnesses post-BBQ:

1. Ensure you use different utensils, plates and chopping boards for cooked and raw meat. It’s easy to forget how easily bacteria can spread when you’re basking in the summer evening sun, but don’t get caught out!

2. Just because meat looks cooked, charred, or even burnt, it doesn’t mean it is cooked on the inside. The meat must be steaming hot ALL THE WAY through before you eat it.

3. A good way to avoid the chance of food poisoning is to pre-cook your meat in the oven before putting it on the BBQ to finish it off and give it that delicious BBQ-ed flavour we love so much.

4. Make sure frozen meat is properly thawed before sticking in the BBQ. The BBQ will cook the outside quickly, but the inside will still be frozen which can be very dangerous.

5. Be careful not to drip raw meat juices over cooked food and ensure excess sauce that has been used to marinade meat is thrown out before someone has a pesky dip!

If you’re unsure about food safety, why not partake in one of our online food hygiene and safety courses?

Don’t run this risk of food poisoning, salmonella and E-Coli this summer. Please browse our website and don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.