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Q. How can I purchase more learner credits?

A. You can order through the website, by email, or by phone and they will be added to your account almost immediately.

Q. I have made a mistake in the spelling of a learner’s name. How can I amend it before downloading a certificate?

A. You can do this from within the learner tab by clicking on the cogs next to their name

Q. One of my learners has lost their password. How do I reset it?

A. As the administrator, you can change the password in the learner account by clicking on the cogs next to the learner’s name

Q. When setting up a learner is it essential that I provide an email address?

A. No, this is not essential. The system is designed so you can send an automated email to the learner if required with their login details. If this is a feature you require you will need to enter an email address.

Q. Can I change the name or amend the details of the administrator?

A. You can change the first name and surname of the administrator as well as the email address, telephone number, and password if required.

Q. How can I add other courses to my account?

A. Just let us know which courses you would like to add and how many credits and we will do the rest for you. There is no cost to add another course to your account. You just need to pay for the number of extra credits you require. ie. 1 credit = 1 course for 1 student for 1 year

Q. One of my learners has finished the course but no printer icon has appeared, so how can I download their certificate?

A. Make sure the learner has 100% progress throughout the course.

Q. Can I add an extra administrator to my account?

A. Yes, we can do this for you. Drop us an email or call us.

Q. Why can’t I see all my learners on my account?

A. Sometimes we delete learners from our server who completed their courses more than 12 months ago to keep our database working as efficiently as possible which in turn enables us to keep our prices low for our clients. However, we do keep records of all past results should you ever need to refer back or need a duplicate certificate for a particular learner.

Q. Why are the courses not showing when a learner logs into their account?

A.  A possible reason is that you have added their name to your account but have not yet enrolled them on a course. There is a 2-step process. Firstly, you must add the student to your Administrators account and set a username for them, and then enrol them on a course from your course list.

Q. One of my learners has finished the course but only has 99% progress. How can I check what they have missed?

A. This is because they have skipped a page in the course. To rectify this the learner must return to the menus and check that every page has been completed by checking the drop-down menu on the main course menu and checking that all the boxes are coloured white.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of courses or credits I can add to my account?

A. There is no limit to either the number of courses that can be added or learners who can be added to your account

Q. How long do the credits last?

A. There is no expiry on the credits once purchased. However, once a learner is enrolled on a course the credit used lasts 12 months from the date of enrolment.