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New Year, New Career? 10 Signs You Need A Career Change

  For many people the New Year means new resolutions, new opportunities and new perspectives. We’re all looking for that shift from our old drudgery to a bright, refreshing change. But change can be a scary thing as we dive into the unknown, especially in the realm of career change. Taking the risk of shifting […]

Educate Yourself on Allergens

Knowing your allergens is essential in the food industry. Simple information about what foods typically cause allergic reactions, and the basics of what to do when someone is having a reaction can quite possibly save a life (and your business!) The EU Food Information for Consumer Regulations, enacted in December 2014, requires businesses to inform […]

What is COSHH?

The workplace can hold a number of dangers for employees and employers alike. While the first hazards that to come to mind may be accidents such as falls, fire damage, or knife mishaps, an equally important realm is that of contact with hazardous substances. For over twenty years, UK legislation has had the Control of […]